Miss England Planning to Become First Beauty Queen in Space

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Jessica Gagen was crowned Miss England last year and has her sights sets on becoming the next Miss Universe. But her biggest plans are truly out of this world.

Gagen, 27, already has made a bit of history, as she became the first redhead to have England’s crown. Now, she wants to further her record-setting ways by becoming the first pageant winner in space.

“I hope me winning Miss England as well as my aerospace passion will show girls that they can follow their dreams and goals and be whoever they want to be,” she said.

Jessica Gagen on Instagram

“My engineering degree opens up so many doors for me and one day I hope to apply to the European Space Agency to follow my dream. I would love to go to space one day and I’m on the right path.”

Gagen blew away the judges with her knowledge of space, a big reason she was able to secure the crown. She clearly hopes to one day replace the crown with a space helmet.

“After my degree is complete, I would have to complete three years in the industry and then I can apply to become an astronaut,” she said. “My dream would be to visit the International Space Station and educate kids from space and make STEM content up there like Tim Peake did.

“Engineering is such a male dominated industry and I want to educate kids about the different engineering roles and show that women can work in STEM too.”

Off to Space, She Goes!

Gagen went on to write that only 10 percent of all astronauts have been female — and she hopes that by becoming one herself, other females may be inspired.

“I just wanted to post a quick note to any girlies facing disbelief to say – YOU CAN DO IT,” she wrote on Instagram. “You are absolutely capable of becoming an astronaut; of harnessing a STEM career and utilizing your skills to achieve your dream. The only person you need to believe in you, is yourself.”

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