Missing Mom’s Husband Used Kid’s iPad to Search ‘How to Stop a Body From Decomposing’

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A Massachusetts man was ordered held without bail in the disappearance of his wife after his iPad revealed Google searches that included “how to keep a body from decomposing” and “how long before a body starts to smell.”

Brian Walshe, 47, was arraigned in Quincy District Court on charges of murder as a result of his wife Ana’s disappearance, as relayed by the New York Post.

According to Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland, Walshe used his young son’s iPad to perform the Google searches in the early-morning hours of New Year’s Day, shortly after he claimed his wife had gone missing while handling a “work emergency.”

The couple has three sons, ages 2 through 6, and Ana has been the breadwinner of the family. Per Beland, Walshe also searched for “how long for someone to be missing to inherit” on the iPad.

Brian Walshe Arrested

That’s not all. Searches also allegedly included “how long does DNA last?” and “dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of a body.”

Walshe shook his head, almost in denial, as the searches were read in a courtroom, per the Post.

In the days that followed, a Volvo matching Walshe’s was caught on surveillance video showing a man getting out of the vehicle and placing garbage bags in random dumpsters. Around the day of the Google searches, Beland said, receipts show that Walshe went to Home Depot to buy cleaning supplies — including a Tyvek body suit, basking soda and mops. He spent $450 in all.

By the time authorities were able to check the dumpsters, however, the garbage bags had already been transferred and destroyed.

But another set of trash bags, containing a hacksaw and blood-stained carpet, was discovered at a dumpster at the apartment complex where Walshe’s mother lives. That dumpster also contained a Tyvek body suit that matched the one he had purchased days earlier.

Walshe’s phone placed him at that apartment complex on Jan. 5, when the trash bags containing all of the above were believed to have been thrown away.

“Rather than divorce, it is believed that Brian Walshe dismembered Ana Walshe and discarded her body,” Beland said.

Walshe’s next court date is set for Feb. 9.

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