Mississippi Golfer Bit Off Man’s Nose After Fight Over Game

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some rounds of golf are more competitive than others. Sometimes, they are the type of games that would make Mike Tyson proud. Except this didn’t involve anyone biting an ear. Instead, it was a nose.

It happened in Biloxi, Mississippi, where two guys argued outside a casino — over a round of golf they had played earlier in the day.

And one man, identified as Mark Wells, 51, allegedly bit his victim’s nose. This wasn’t just any bite, either. He bit it completely off the guy’s face.

The nose has not been found.

Wells initially fled the scene, eluding the law, before turning himself in, police said. What did the police find? Nope, not the nose.

“The investigation determined that suspect, Mark Curtis Wells, bit the nose off of the victim,” Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said, matter-of-factly, in a news release.

Meanwhile, the victim was taken to the hospital, and we are presuming in immense pain.

Wells is now facing a sentence of up to seven years for felony mayhem.

Per the Biloxi Herald: “State law defines felony mayhem as a premeditated felony crime committed with the intent to kill in which the suspect mutilates, disfigures, disables, or destroys someone’s tongue, eye, lip, nose, limb or another body part.”

What Wells did here highly likely falls under that category.

So next time you playa round of golf, make sure you sniff out the competition first. Hopefully, your group doesn’t consist of one guy whose attitude really stinks.

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