Missouri School District Is Bringing Back Paddling For Punishment

Would you opt your child into this?

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Videos by Rare

The Cassville School District in Southern Missouri is begging for backlash with its latest decision. Described as a ‘last resort’ if other forms of discipline do not work, paddling students is probably going to go over like a lead balloon.

Superintendent Meryl Johnson told KOLR that some parents have asked for an alternative to suspension. Somehow, this is the answer that Johnson and the school came up with.

“The complaints that we have heard from some of our parents is that they don’t want their students suspended,” Johnson said. ‘They want another option.

“This was just another option that we could use before we get to that point of suspension.”

Parents can opt-in (or opt-out) of this program at any point in the school year.

If opted out, the punishment would simply not be used. Of course. If there is an opt-in, Johnson said that the process would be very defined.

“Corporal punishment will be used only when other means of discipline have failed and then only in reasonable form, when the principal approves it,” he said.

The district does not anticipate using this punishment often. Though, if it does, the punishment will will be carried out by administrators. It would also only happen in the presence of additional, certified employees.  

At the time of this writing no details of what certifications would be required to attend a paddling.

Parents opposed are naturally being outspoken. Theoretically there is community support or this policy would not have bene enacted.

What do you think?


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  1. Every psychologist will tell you that hitting a child can be extremely bad and destructive to a child and will leave permanent scars on a child’s development. Hitting is not the answer, and that goes for parents as well. Before this policy was put in place, did school officials consult child behavioral experts? As a parent I certainly wouldn’t want my child disciplined in that fashion. How about in-school suspension. It’s done in many schools that I have worked in. In what grades would this measure be done? My advice a very bad method. It only teaches a child that might makes right.

  2. oh hell no. Not this shit again. That is not acceptable. That form of “punishment is just a sick man’s form of peodiopholistic claim to fame.” ANYONE WHO ACCEPTS THIS FORM OF PUNISHMENT ALLOWED DONE TO THEIR CHILD, IS JUST AS SICK! NO NO NO!

  3. Well, I’m just saying that having that hack paddle leaning up against the school office window sure did keep me from being an extreme idiot. No one I knew wanted that connecting with our rear ends. Not very many kids pushed it to the hack level of discipline. So not sure why people would be too worried about a paddling. If you’re worried then make sure your kids don’t ever have to get the paddle. It’s up to you and your kids! Stay out of trouble and No hacks🤷‍♀️Pretty easy to figure out!!!

  4. If every state did it would be good for all these kids these days are out of control and there parents don’t make them behave or have manners…..

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