Mom Arrested for Attacking Bus Driver Who Dropped Her Kids Off an Hour Late

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Bus drivers really only have one mission — get your kids to and from school safely, and in a timely fashion. So when a Nevada bus driver failed at the latter, one mother went ballistic. And frankly, understandably so.

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According to Business Insider, the bus driver dropped off the mom’s kids late after school, and on four different occasions to boot. So the mom finally attacked the guy.

Elizabeth Tanner, 37, was later arrested, though she wasn’t the only parent who stormed the school bus. Apparently, two others did as well.

The driver, Vincente Linan, claimed innocence in the matter. He reportedly said he had to pull over on multiple occasions to get the rowdy bus-riding kids under control.

Mother Arrested After Attacking School Bus Driver

“The children were climbing over seats, putting tape over the security camera, pulling the emergency window, and in one incident, a girl grabbed the steering wheel and said she was going to drive,” the Las Vegas Journal reported, via Business Insider.

At any rate, Tanner was taken into custody for her actions against Linan, with charges ranging from battery on a protected person to destruction of property of another to burglary of a motor vehicle.

“Students are expected to follow the CCSD Pre-Kindergarten-12 Student Code of Conduct while on the school bus. Any violations of the code of conduct can be reported to school administration for further action,” a school statement read. 

Other than that, all we know is the mom and bus driver both likely have some explaining to do. After all, the wheels on this bus didn’t go round and round, not for long enough, anyway, and definitely not to the mom’s liking.

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