World’s Least Fun Mom Pops Beachball at Children’s Concert

A very fun mom — if you consider yelling at children for running to fast or a strict No Rated-R Movies Until You’re 17 policy “fun” — was displeased find herself surrounded by both silliness and light-hearted entertainment while attending a children’s concert in Rochester Hills, Michigan, recently.

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The mom, furious that a crowd at the opera an outdoor summer concert for little kids was being defiled by the batting of beach balls, took it upon herself to rectify the indecent behavior before her. So she put down her tallboy of Modelo Especial (that does not compute, by the way), grabbed a beach ball, and ripped that sucker open. “There shall be no fun at this children’s concert,” she declared to the world.

The entire ordeal was caught on camera. (Turn the sound on for A+ commentary.)

According to the YouTube account that posted the video, ViralHog, the mom was at first having fun with the beach balls but decided that there were just too darn many. It was chaos.

“We noticed a woman that at first when a beach ball came her way she would spike it on to the stage and laugh about it, but then the situation escalated. After realizing there were to many balls she decided to stuff each one under her legs, chair, and to the side of her. After she had too many she decided to start ripping holes in them. Other parents in the audience noticed this as well and some were even just grabbing them from her so she couldn’t pop them. Parents even confronted her kindly about popping the beach balls and asked her to please stop and as you can see in the video she refused. The end result stayed the same unfortunately because no one wanted the child she was with to get kicked out along with her and no one wanted to cause a scene also due to not wanting to ruin the fun of their own children there. So many kids were in disbelief like the parents, but we made sure to score as many beach balls as possible so it wouldn’t ruin their time.”

Thank you, Fun Mom, for doing your civic duty and keeping the children of Rochester Hills, Michigan safe from beach balls.

This post was originally published on July 27, 2018.

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