Mom Suffers Heart Attack Because Her 3rd Grade Son Couldn’t Finish His Math Homework

A mother in China almost died (like literally died) after suffering from a heart attack while trying to repeatedly explaining a math problem to her son who just couldn’t grasp it to save his life. Yup, what can I say, people in China sure take their math way too seriously?

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The woman, identified as Wang, was reportedly helping her 3rd grader with his homework, but the mother kept getting frustrated with him. The son just couldn’t answer the problem, despite her getting angry and trying to explain it to him over and over again every 5 seconds. So, she began to feel sick. She said her heart began palpitating to the point where she couldn’t breathe properly and called out for her husband to take her to Xinhua Hospital because she was thought she was having a cardiac arrest.

The 36-year-old mother ultimately admitted to health staff that she would usually get frustrated with her son while helping him because the genius mom expected him to know his stuff already. But, she never expected her frustration to have such “serious consequences.”

She was diagnosed with myocardial infarction, which is a heart attack or heart failure. Luckily she was able to detect the problem in time. I mean, right after scaring the poor kid to death.

Now, I know the whole parenting thing is hard and whatnot, but come on. Let this boy live, he’s only in third grade. Who has time to understand homework at that age? He’s basically a toddler, math is pretty freaking hard. I understand parents have their own ways to make sure their kids succeed in school, but this to me seems excessive.

This young mother basically reprimanded this kid to the point where she had a freaking heart attack because he couldn’t do his homework! If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will. Honestly. This kid’s psychological emotions are probably off the roof.

She took the whole “do you want to kill your mother” thing too seriously, and forced this kid to actually learn something for once. Effective? Yeah sure. Terrifying? Definitely. I’d be truly shocked if this kid doesn’t get all A’s throughout elementary school, high school, and college. He’s then going to end up at Harvard by the time he’s 16, just watch.

I guess now he’ll never forget what 18×13 is. That’s for sure.

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