Mom of Two Dies in Skydiving Accident During Solo Jump

Facebook/Heather Glasgow

A tragic skydiving incident has left a mother of two dead in Oklahoma. Heather Glasgow, 44, faced a complication while in the air. She passed away in the hospital after succumbing to the injuries of the fatal fall at Sallisaw Airport.

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The Events

Witnesses say that Glasglow’s parachute was completely opened, but she began to spin in such a way that couldn’t be corrected in midair.

“The body that was on that parachute, was just spinning in circles. I mean, it was completely sideways. I feel like they were already unconscious in the air. Because if they would have been responsive in the air, they would’ve been kicking their legs. They would have been trying to fight with their arms to control the parachute,” an eyewitness stated.

The accident occurred around 3:30 pm. She was pronounced dead at Northeastern Health Systems Sequoyah at 8 pm. She had done two tandem jumps and attended classes at the Adventure Skydive Center in Sallisaw.

Learning More

Glasgow seemed to be an inspiration to her friends and family. She posted her past struggles on Facebook; how she went through a season of homelessness and unemployment.

She praised the skydiving school in Sallisaw and talked about how excited she was to learn. 

“It should be a nice weekend. If you haven’t taken the plunge and want to then this is the place to do it!” she posted.

Glasglow leaves behind her two songs, siblings, and cousins.

Skydiving accidents are rare, but still occur; in the US, there are roughly 21 fatalities per year caused by skydiving accidents. Globally, the number is slightly higher, with approximately 33 skydiving fatalities per year. Safety is paramount, and it is important to take the necessary safety precautions before participating in the sport.

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