Mother Accused of Murdering Her Two Daughters to Sell Their Body Parts

This woman has completely lost her mind. And full disclosure, I do believe she committed this atrocious crime from the details that we know. Nevertheless, can you imagine coming home to your family, only to find your two young daughters, both under 3-years-old, lifeless, their bodies stacked on top of one another inside a bassinet? Horrifying.

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Well that’s exactly what Jaykwon Singleton, the father of 1-year-old daughter Rose and 2-year-old Lily, came home to one day in Las Vegas, Nevada. Singleton called Las Vegas Metropolitan Police after he came back to his apartment near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway to find Lily and Rose dead in a bassinet, stacked on top of each other. According to the arrest report, police arrested 26-year-old Amanda Sharp-Jefferson on two counts of murder, as Singleton told them that, “she drowned them… I feel like their mom drowned them or something.”

Amanda Sharp-Jefferson

via Las Vegas Metro Police

According to Fox 5, Singleton said that he asked Sharp-Jefferson why the girls’ bodies were stacked, but that she proceeded to “shush” him. Eventually, he checked on them and realized that they were cold and not breathing. The arrest report continued to explain that, “[Sharp-Jefferson] kept shushing him and at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money.”

Soon, medical professionals arrived and pronounced both children dead. Sharp-Jefferson was heard, once again, commenting on how much she thought the little girls’ organs would be worth.

Singleton explained to police officers that he and Sharp-Jefferson had been in a normal relationship since 2018, up until a few weeks ago. Sharp-Jefferson had suddenly claimed that Singleton cheated on her “with his spirit wife.” When Singleton went to go visit his grandmother the day before he found his daughters dead, he said nothing else was outstandingly different until the next day.

Jaykwon Singleton Speaks Out

Las Vegas Metro police arrested Sharp-Jefferson immediately, and family members who arrived were understandably angry with her. When police questioned her at Las Vegas Metro Police Department Headquarters, Sharp-Jefferson had the audacity to tell and stick by a far-reaching story about some romantic dispute. Apparently she was “set up to look like she had killed the kids,” per the police report. She said, “someone must have entered her apartment and set up all the young children’s things to ‘set her up for the death of the two children, who were not hers.'”

But then, when they asked the Las Vegas woman about the value of the young girls’ organs, she said she, “saw a movie where people made money on body parts after a person died.” She also denied being under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, but police found marijuana in the apartment. According to court records, she was denied bail and is due to appear in court again soon.

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