Move Over Caramel deLites, There’s a New Girls Scout Cookie Flavor in Town

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you start salivating when you see a Girl Scout cookie sale nearby, this news is for you. Girl Scouts just announced their official new cookie flavor, and it’s a twist on an old classic. The Raspberry Rally, a raspberry version of a Thin Mint, is set to appear during this coming Girl Scout season.

But, bad news, it is only from January to April.

Raspberry Rally Will Be Available Exclusively Online

There’s a caveat, though. Raspberry Rally is actually only going to be available via online purchase. The reason? It’s to expand Girl Scouts’ sales experience and get them familiar with the increasingly important world wide web. So, if you don’t see any Raspberry Rallies at the next Girl Scout cookie sale you stumble upon, have no fear. You can purchase them online.

The Raspberry Rally is a chocolate cookie infused with raspberry flavor and covered in a chocolate coating. It’s the exact same thing as the Thin Mint, but instead of mint flavor, it’s raspberry.

A review by Today described the new flavor.

“Raspberry Rally is delicious,” wrote journalist Joseph Lamour. “I don’t often go for many raspberry-flavored treats, as the flavoring often reads artificial to me (like blue-raspberry anything, for instance) but there’s something about the flavor in these that dodge any of those raspberry pitfalls…

“Also the fact that Raspberry Rally is a companion cookie to Thin Mints and shares almost all of the characteristics of that iconic biscuit conjures the familiarity of its minty sibling with that meltingly thin chocolate coating… The only thing I haven’t done yet is put them in the freezer, just like so many do with Thin Mints, but this time, with a berry twist.”

Raspberry Rally is the latest of the over 100-year-old organization’s new cookie flavors. Girl Scouts released Adventurefulls (cookies that taste like caramel brownie with sea salt) last year. The year before, Toast-Yay! cookies were released, featuring toast-shaped cookies that taste like French toast and are covered in white icing.

Girl Scouts describes part of its mission as teaching girls how to “look at our world and take action to change it for the better. They make friends, challenge themselves with new experiences, write their own stories, and develop the skills and confidence to say, ‘I know I can do this!’”

Eat Cookies, Support Local Girl Scouts

All proceeds from Girl Scouts cookies sales go to local Girl Scouts troops.

To find where you can buy Girl Scouts cookies, check out the Cookie Finder or text COOKIES to 59618.

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