Mummies with Solid Gold Tongues Discovered in Egypt

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

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Why would mummies have solid gold tongues? Well, we really don’t know. But some have been unearthed by archeologists in Egypt, with gold chips inside the mummies’ mouths where their tongues normally would be.

Basically, it’s not really the tongues that are golden — but tongue replicas. Either way, the discovery has definitely raised some eyebrows.

Science Alert has even dubbed it “a bit of a puzzle” to those who study such things.

Mummies with Solid Gold Tongues Discovered in Egypt

(Egyptian Antiquities Ministry)

“Gold was a popular material in ancient Egypt to make ornaments for funerary rites. The glimmering element was considered to be the flesh of the gods, specifically the skin of the Sun God, Ra, and was associated with the concept of eternity,” Science Alert noted.

Ra was actually considered the leader of all ancient gods as the creator of everything. He represented the light hours of the day, while another god, known as Ra represented the sunlit portion of the day, Osiris represented the dark.

“Maybe a golden tongue represents a line to the light, even in the cold darkness of the netherworld,” the website wrote. “Without more evidence, all we can do is speculate.”

(The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Archeologists have said the mummies with the golden tongues were in bad condition — even by mummy standards. So the tongues could remain a mystery, as thorough examination has proven difficult.

In other words, those with tee golden tongues really are falling silent. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned in all that.

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