Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Wisconsin, Could It Be UFOs?

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The first thing that comes to mind when you see flashing, darting lights in the sky? You guessed it, UFOs and perhaps aliens.

That is what’s going on in Wisconsin, as footage obtained by the Daily Mail is showing what some believe are some close encounters of the first kind.

Apparently, multiple people are sharing the footage, derived from a rural area in the state. The video shared is showing multicolored lights swooping in circles and flashing across the sky.

It sort of resembles a falling star. But falling stars don’t travel in packs in the same direction. And whatever is on the video is too close to earth, it seems, to be stars.

Could it Be UFOs?

The Daily Mail reported that the flashing lights were seen about 35 miles north of Milwaukee and that the videos were obtained from a salon owner named Kimberly, 52, and a former police officer named Ken, 54. Both asked that their last names not be used.

Kimberly told the Daily Mail that she was driving home with her husband in West Bend, Wisconsin, at about 11 p.m. when the flashing lights broached the vehicle.

“All of a sudden we saw what looked to be a white owl swoop from the upper right-hand top of the trees, down in front of the headlights, and up to the left,” she said.

They decided it wasn’t a white owl. Then they decided it was pretty weird, given that there were three similar lights above them.

“And as we’re both leaning forward into the windshield, we start seeing these lights, similar to what I caught in the video,” she said. “We just couldn’t wrap our heads around what we were seeing.”

Ken captured the images about five miles from the location of Kimberly and her husband at the time.

And yet another man and his wife saw the same thing nearby while driving, they told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve really never seen anything like it before,” the man said. “It was like a row of illumination through the clouds and it would pulse through the sky incredibly quickly.”

UFOs? Searchlights? White owls? Totally made up? It’s hard to tell. But for those who believe in extraterrestrial life, it counts as something.

For what it’s worth, Fox News recently reported that the Pentagon has received “several hundreds” of UFO reports, though none are of extraterrestrial origin so far.

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  1. The first lights look like those huge advertising lights car dealerships use to get publicity for an upcoming car sale. The other lights looks like search lights looking for UFOs. No surprise here!

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