Napolitano: Supreme Court travel ban decision is a “substantial political victory” for Trump

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Fox News commentator Judge Napolitano said that today’s Supreme Court decision — which enforces part of President Donald Trump’s travel ban until the decision can be taken up in the fall — is a “substantial political victory” for Trump.

“To that extent, Donald Trump did the right thing and should be very happy at this moment at what the Supreme Court has told him,” he said.

Napolitano says the partial reinstatement of the ban is a sign the Supreme Court is giving Trump the “benefit of the doubt” on the issue.

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The travel ban has been shot down by several lower courts across the country since its hasty and ultimately flawed deployment in January of this year.

Trump and the administration initially claimed the ban would be temporary, first saying it would remain “until [they] figure out what the hell is going on” on the campaign trail, then until new “extreme vetting” procedures could be developed.

That’s changed, and the travel ban is now an indefinite suspension of immigration from certain nations.

As executed by the Supreme Court, the ban would forbid immigrants and refugees from six majority-Muslim nations unless they have a “bona fide relationship” with an “American individual or entity” that can “legitimately claim concrete hardship if that person is excluded.”

Though the administration has claimed otherwise, the travel ban would not have prevented the 9/11 attacks, San Bernadino shooting, Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub shooting or other terror attacks carried out by Americans or immigrants from countries unaffected by the ban.

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