A CNN report released today says that Pentagon officials are looking at a conventional ground invasion as an option to combat the spread of ISIS in Syria.

It would be the first time American traditional ground forces would be deployed in the Syrian conflict and a stark contrast with the policies of Barack Obama, who strongly opposed a conventional ground force and did not believe military force alone could solve the spread of ISIS or end the Syrian Civil War amicably. In 2015, Obama deployed Special Forces to Syria to arm and train Syrian rebels against Bashar Al-Assad and his forces.

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An unnamed defense official told CNN that “you may see conventional forces hit the ground in Syria for some period of time.”

Ultimately, the choice to invade is one of what will likely be several options in front of Donald Trump when he convenes with the Secretary of Defense at the end of the month. Trump has ordered General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS by the end of the month.

Any invasion would seem to contradict Donald Trump’s campaign posture which excoriated George W. Bush for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, which he said turned into a “mess.” Donald Trump often claims that he was “always” opposed to the War in Iraq, but his past statements are far less consistent.

One of the Pentagon’s proposals for ISIS in Syria is giving us flashbacks AP Photo/Natalia Sancha
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