Navy Officer Under Investigation for Filming Porn at Top Secret Nuclear Base Twitter via @nypost
Twitter via @nypost

An investigation has been launched after a renowned Royal Navy officer’s side hustle sparked questions of blackmail by foreign agents. Lt. Claire Jenkins, under the name Cally Taylor, has been making extra money on the side by filming and selling “porn to order,” on the money-making content platform, OnlyFans. And now, the Navy Top Brass is investigating to make sure that their base is secure from all angles.

The 29-year-old is a warfare officer, commanding a team of sailors on the hunter-killer submarine HMS Artful. According to the Sun, Jenkins was responsible for the $1.2 billion craft’s “hi-tech outer casing of sound-damping tiles that allow it to glide through the ocean stalking Russian subs.” Sounds pretty important.

She also has embarked on Special Forces teams at sea, running covert insertions and Tomahawk cruise missiles. However, along with her lover, Leading Seaman Liam Doddington, who is also based where she is at the Faslane nuclear submarine HQ, HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow, Scotland, Jenkins filmed a number of their porn videos inside the nuclear base. She regularly posts adult content for her subscribers, inviting them to pay her to act out their sexual fantasies on her OnlyFans account.

About the Faslane Naval Base: Home of Trident Nuclear Subs

Her OnlyFans profile says, ?I?m 29 and working that 9 to 5 life, I love to be naughty and stay colorful. My naughty side can sometimes get me into trouble, but that feeling of excitement we can get from doing this just makes me so hot and bothered.?

Jenkins isn’t ashamed and was actually never hiding the fact that she regularly takes explicit pictures while on active duty. She had to inform her superiors during the rigorous vetting process to earn her top-secret clearance, everything about her life, including her sex life. A Navy source said, ?This individual has been open and honest with her bosses that this is what she does in her spare time.”

However, it looks like the issue at hand involves the kinds of security risks that come with filming at the submarine base, to which the Navy source also said, ?Our issue with security is, ?Do you keep anything from us?? Because then you can be open to blackmail,” and a Royal Navy spokesman said, ?An investigation is under way and it would be inappropriate to comment further. Where personnel fail to act in accordance with our values and standards, we will not hesitate to take appropriate action.?


Claire Jenkins Films Porn with Lover Inside Top Secret Nuclear Base

Nevertheless, despite the investigations and until the Royal Navy decides what it wants to do in this situation, Jenkins and her lover have still been posting content from the naval base, with a video that was captioned, “he really used me.”


I have to say, this girl did seize an opportunity, as many did, in making more content during the coronavirus pandemic. With many people tuning in online during lockdown, whether on social media or other sites, as the world waits for everyone to get the COVID vaccine, it wouldn’t hurt to make some extra money. Just not at the risk of national security, right? Surely, we don’t need to cross that line.

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