Near-Naked Corpse Washed Up On Shore In Celebrity-Filled Hamptons Neighborhood

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The corpse of a man, basically naked, was discovered on the shore of a luxury Hamptons enclave in New York. It, obviously, left onlookers fairly horrified.

Kayakers first spotted the body of Keith Viagas near the homes owned by multiple celebrities, including Richard Gere and Billy Joel.

“He was nude apart from a black shirt around his neck, black socks or swim booties on,” a witness told the New York Post. “It was a ghastly sight to stumble across on a beautiful August summer morning.”

Viagis, 63, reportedly hailed from Franklin Square, New York. His death and how he washed up on the shore remains a mystery.

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“He’s a long-term resident but he was not reported missing because he would commonly go away for a couple of days then return,” Southampton Police Lt. Susan C. Ralph told the Post.

The harbor era where the body was discovered is also near homes owned by Jimmy Buffett and Joy Behar. It is also close to disgraced newsman Matt Lauer.

“The cause of death will be determined by the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office, but cops don’t suspect foul play,” the Post wrote.

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