New Details Regarding Role Vicky White Played In Escape

Vicky White sold many of her assets – including her home for well below market value – to fund her getaway with Casey White after helping him escape from prison in Alabama.

The 56-year-old corrections officer helped the 38-year-old murder suspect escape from prison before the pair went on the run together. Authorities finally caught up to the couple after an 11-day manhunt, which resulted in police capturing Casey. Vicky shot herself, taking her own life, before police could arrest her.

US Marshal Marty Keely recently gave an extensive interview about their escape and eventual capture.

Authorities initially thought Casey White kidnapped Vicky White, but they quickly realized she made up her story about having to transport the inmate to a mental hospital. As authorities continued their search, they discovered the corrections officer sold her home for only $95,000, far below its market value. Vicky also sold her car and filed for retirement before their escape, Keely said.

After selling her assets, Vicky went shopping.

She already owned a 9mm service semi-automatic and a .45-caliber handgun. But she purchased an AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun to add to their arsenal. Investigators later learned that Vicky also bought men’s clothes, presumably for Casey, at a local Kohl’s. And she made a trip to a sex toys store and bought wigs to cover her hair, according to multiple reports.

After numerous tips from the public, authorities eventually tracked down the fugitives in Evansville, Indiana. They were staying in a hotel but tried to get away as a car chase with police ensued. The car chase spilled over into a parking lot adjacent to Anchor Industries – a local frame and fabrics manufacturing business.

The pursuit ended after a police officer rammed their vehicle into the fugitives’ Cadillac, which flipped the car on its side into a ditch. Law enforcement officials were able to take Casey into custody after the car flipped over. But Vicky died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound before authorities could get to her.

There is no footage of the actual car chase as of yet. But one local who works at Anchor Industries caught the aftermath of the chase on his cell phone in this profanity-laced video:

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