New Hampshire Man Faces Sentencing for Killing Wife Inside Bus Home, Hiding Body

Joseph Feerlazzo is accused of killing his wife and trying to hide her body. (NBC5)

A New Hampshire widower accused of killing his wife and hiding her body in Bolton, Vermont, nearly two years ago appeared in court for a motion hearing after he pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

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Joseph Ferlazzo allegedly told police he killed his wife, 22-year-old Emily Ferlazzo, before entering the not guilty plea. The two had been living inside a small bus at the time of Emily’s death in October 2021.

Joseph and Emily Ferlazzo reportedly lived in a small bus prior to her murder. (NBC5)
Emily Ferlazzo. (NBC5)

According to authorities, Emily’s death took place after the couple drove from New Hampshire to Vermont in celebration of their one-year anniversary. The two began to argue and court documents state that Emily began to kick and punch Joseph.

“Ferlazzo told investigators after the fight ended, he shot her twice, killing her,” NBC5 reported. “He later provided details on his efforts to dismember and hide the remains.”

He said he then went out to breakfast the next morning after killing Emily, police said, citing the admission from Ferlazzo.

The couple had a “history of domestic violence” prior to Emily’s death, investigators said. Emily’s mother told police she had previously seen her daughter with scratches and bruises, adding that she was aware of at least three times a “physical altercation” occurred between the two of them.

Per NBC5: “The state is looking to bring in an expert to test the firearms found in (Joseph Ferlazzo’s) possession. Attorneys say up to seven were found during the initial investigation. The judge granted the motion from the state to test the weapons and set a deadline of Sept. 30 to complete those tests.”

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