New ‘One Chip Challenge ‘is Sending Kids To The Hospital, Medical Experts Beg to Stop

You know it isn’t a full social media challenge if the FDA, or any medical experts for that matter, get involved. Turns out there is a new challenge going viral on social media, specifically on TikTok, that is actually sending kids to the ER. Yes, this dumb challenge is called the Once Chip Challenge. Or #OneChipChallenge if you want to get technical. The challenge was reportedly created by Paqui, a flavored tortilla chip company. They recently released a new spicy chip for the specific challenge, and now people are burning not only their mouths but their insides. The 2022 challenge features the California Reaper Chip. 

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In case you didn’t know, California Reaper is the hottest pepper known to any human. It ranks at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units. To put that into a little bit of perspective, that is around 300 times hotter than a very spicy jalapeno. What happens if you eat this pepper? Well obviously, it BURNS, causing you to be in physical and emotional pain as the flavor bursts through your mouth. 

One Chip Challenge is Sending Kids to the ER



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So, Paqui decided to create this certain chip because they knew they could probably get some hits on social media. “This year’s high voltage chip contains the super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper with a shocking twist, it’ll turn your tongue BLUE,” the Paqui website revealed.

Social media users are encouraged to eat the whole chip, and wait as long as possible before they drink or eat anything. But, as expected, medical experts are now warning people against the dangerous trend. This after it has sent children to the hospital and is causing excruciating pain.



I tried the #onechipchallenge my ears are purple! Never again I promise! 😂

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Tiktok user @angela_b157 posted a video of her niece in the hospital after she attempted the challenge. Safe to say the video went viral with more than 10.7 million views. She went on to release several videos that explained what happened after she was in the hospital. In another video, the girl explained that she was bet $50 to eat the chip. After she ate it he could see her in tears and in excruciating pain. While in the ER she was given several medications that took hours to ease her stomach pains. Although she seemed in good spirits, she did warn others against the viral challenge.

According to experts, Alabama, Texas, and California have seen several hospital patients due to the spicy chip. School districts in Georgia and Colorado have also warned parents of the challenge after several students have been missing classes thanks to them allegedly becoming sick after eating the chip.

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According to Lodi High School principal Adam Auerbach in Sacramento, several students were taken to the emergency room after having several intense reactions to the spicy chip. “Each student who has taken part has had a similar reaction, struggling to breathe and catch their breath,” Auerbach stated. “We have also had students vomiting on themselves and have had to put a stop to any further unhealthy/unsafe behaviors, as each has resulted in students needing to leave campus to head home or to the emergency room.”

I don’t know, but it seems to me Paqui has some apologies to make and might be in a bit of trouble with several of its clients. But, at the same time, I don’t blame them, I blame the kids. Stop doing dumb social media challenges.

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