The family of a 15-year-old alleged car thief who was fatally shot by police are accusing the police of lying about how he died after a video of the incident was released.

The video appears to show Jayson Negron moving after he was shot by Bridgeport, Conn., police. Police had claimed that Negron was shot in the head and died at the scene.

Negron allegedly stole the vehicle he was driving and then rammed a cop after a chase, and then was shot.

The shooting occurred on May 9.

The video was posted online by Giovanni Rivera, who says he is Negron’s cousin. Bridgeport police confirmed they have seen the video Sunday.

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Bridgeport Officer James Boulay, who had no prior disciplinary record, shot Negron. Boulay has been placed on administrative leave. The passenger in the vehicle being driven by Negron, 21-year-old Julian Fyffe, was also shot, but survived.

The cell phone video shows Negron, a high school sophomore, lying on the ground, his arms handcuffed behind his back. He doesn’t appear to move. His body was left in the street for hours.

A voice picked up on the video, says, “Yeah, they shot him. They shot that man.”

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Then for a few moments, the camera turns away from Negron and focuses on other officers arriving at the scene. When the camera returns to Negron, his head is facing the opposite direction as an officer stands near him.


“This is a nightmare. Bridgeport PD told my family they shot Jayson in the head and was dead on scene. This video clearly shows otherwise,” Rivera wrote on Twitter. “They left my baby cousin on the ground to die.”

“If that crucial part of the story is a lie, everything else is up for question,” Rivera told the Hartford Courant.


Autopsy results show Negron died due to gun shot wounds to the chest. Police said Negron’s body was left uncovered in the street for hours due to “evidence-gathering reasons.”

However, Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez later learned that police could have covered the body.

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