North Korea announced through state-run media KCNA on Wednesday that it plans to reach “eternal prosperity” through nuclear deterrence and “put a definite end to the U.S. imperialists’ outrageous nuclear threat and blackmail.”

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The state-run media outlet said the U.S. is “running wild in a bid to hold in check the advance of the DPRK for perfecting its state nuclear force” and promised that North Korea was rapidly “tightening its belt in order to put a definite end to the U.S. imperialists’ outrageous nuclear threat and blackmail” for the sake of “independent development and eternal prosperity.”

North Korea would add “the tragic situation of the war-torn non-nuclear countries which became the targets of invasion and plunder by the U.S.” justifies its nuclear deterrence.

Finally, KCNA contended that it is “ridiculous” for the U.S. to “browbeat” by “deploying nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines near the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.”

Here KCNA was referring to U.S. joint military operations with South Korea involving carriers like the USS Nimitz, USS Roosevelt, USS Reagan and the USS Carl Vinson.

The statement comes on the same day KCNA also published stories of anti-Trump protests in South Korea and days after it was reported that a nuclear test site collapse in North Korea killed hundreds of people.

One of those KCNA stories claimed that an anti-Trump crowd in South Korea called the president “Hitler in the 21st century.”

Defense Secretary James Mattis said as recently as Saturday during remarks in Seoul, South Korea, that North Korea is an “outlaw” nation pursuing “illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear weapons programs.”

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In recent months, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have lobbed insults back and forth. Trump has called the North Korean leader “Rocket Man,” while Kim Jong-un has called the president a “dotard.”

(H/T Al Jazeera News)

North Korea revealed how it plans to reach “eternal prosperity” through the United States AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko
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