Researchers Create “Nose-Only” COVID-19 Masks

Although COVID-19 vaccines have been rolling out all over the world, it’s still going to take time for the coronavirus pandemic to be completely gone. With that being said, researchers in Mexico have designed a new face mask that is designed for people to wear while they eat. Introducing the nose-only COVID-19 mask. And it looks as funny as it sounds.

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The nose masks, however, are actually worn underneath a full mask, held up with the same straps that wrap around the ears. The video demonstration, according to Reuters, shows a man and woman sit down for lunch, take off their full face masks to reveal their nose masks and continue to eat and drink with their nose masks on.

Mexican Researchers Make Nose-Only COVID-19 Mask

I’m not going to lie, these eating masks look pretty comical. And according to Fox News, the responses on social media not only support my observations but also support the idea. While many liked the idea, saying it would “reduce transmission,” others definitely made jokes about its look. One Twitter user said, “Hardly a new invention, clowns have been wearing them for years.”

Twitter Pokes Fun at New Nose-Only Face Coverings

The human cells responsible for people’s sense of smell are actually a key entry point for COVID-19, which is why covering the nose with your mask is important, otherwise its render’s useless, as told by both Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization. And the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), showed that more mask material is actually more beneficial than less. In fact, double-masking can significantly decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

Let’s hope that people get their COVID-19 vaccinations really soon, or else the world’s going to have to get used to everyone starting to look like clowns for the greater good.

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