A Florida police officer’s last act is making rounds on the internet after he shot his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.

In a video of his final moments, which was recently released by the Boynton Beach police and dates to Oct. 12, Michael DeMarco is seen outside a condominium where he points a gun at his former companion.

The recording does not show the moment that DeMarco fires the gun or moments later when he shot himself.

In the clip, DeMarco is seen in his police uniform and driving a car licensed by the sheriff’s office. The Palm Beach Post reports that the gun that DeMarco used was his service weapon.

The victim, Yuly Solano, was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is still in intensive care. She told police that she ended her relationship with DeMarco because “he was being racist and very possessive of her.”

Police released two videos as part of a 65-item package of materials. In the clips, the former officer is seen confronting Solano outside her apartment as she is walking her dog.

The longer video, which is yet unpublished and different from the one included in this article, shows them face-to-face with DeMarco’s gun raised. It then cuts to him on the ground with Solano’s dog climbing on his body; police say that they received the video in that form and did not edit it.

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Other documents show that only minutes before he confronted his ex-girlfriend, DeMarco was chatting with a colleague over the phone. Solano’s 18-year-old daughter, Aryana Baluja, was inside their apartment, and she told investigators that she heard the gunshots and looked outside, immediately realizing that something was wrong.

Aryana told investigators that when her mother first started dating DeMarco, he was a “nice guy,” but his temper slowly began to show its ugly face. She described his “jealousy issues” and said that when she was talking [in Spanish] to family overseas, he became suspicious and asked what she was saying.

Aryana set up a GoFundMe page to help pay her mother’s medical bills. On the page she writes, “As she has been in the hospital she is no longer working. I am a college student and right after my classes I’m rushing home to walk my doggie CoCo to then afterwards drive 30 minutes to be by my mothers side in the hospital.”

Aryano holding her mother’s hand (screenshot from GoFundMe)

Solano’s lawyers say that the sheriff’s office should have kept a closer eye on their employee and described him as  someone “clearly battling mental duress and emotional troubles.” They have also threatened a lawsuit against the office, but that development is still unclear. For now, Yuly Solano is in the hospital and though her road to recovery is long, Aryana is hopeful, writing, “We’re getting through this together.”

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