Nurse Accused of Killing 7 Newborns, Poisoning 2 With Insulin

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A London neonatal nurse accused of killing seven newborns deliberately tried to poison 10 others, according to a British prosecutor.

Lucy Letby, 32, has been charged with murder for the deaths of five baby boys and two girls. All while she was employed a Countess of Chester Hospital from 2015-16. Her trial started earlier this week.

Prosecutor Nick Johnson opened the trial at Manchester Crown Court by saying that in 2015, the hospital at which Letby worked began to experience an onslaught of “serious catastrophic collapses, or death.

“Babies who had not been unstable at all suddenly deteriorated. Sometimes babies who had been sick, but then been on the mend suddenly deteriorated for no apparent reason,” Johnson told the jury.

Lucy Letby: Mom Walked in on Nurse Killing Baby

At first, doctors were unable to figure out the mysterious causes of the tragic incidents. So police were brought in to investigate. Authorities then concluded that someone in the neonatal unit had poisoned two infant boys with insulin two days after they were born.

Police then launched a full investigation into the deaths at the hospital in May 2017.

Johnson said Lucy Letby was on duty when two of the babies were poisoned. Prosecutors believed all of the impacted babies were the work of Letby, a “constant malevolent presence” when the incidents occurred.

Family members of Letby’s victims are attending the trial, as are her parents, the Associated Press reported.

“The prosecutor alleged that Letby injected air into the bloodstream of the child, and a medical expert said the most likely reason for the baby’s collapse was air administered deliberately by someone who knew it would cause significant harm,'” the AP wrote.

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