NYPD cop suspended without pay after Instagram video shows her encouraging her niece to use a racial slur

An officer with the NYPD who encouraged her 2-year-old niece to use the N-word in an Instagram video has been suspended without pay, according to police sources.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Officer Delinda Giraldo was suspended and ordered to undergo a drug test after the video, one of five posted to Instagram in 2014, was published by the Daily News Tuesday.

“She said n****r?” Giraldo asked in the video. “Say it again. Say it again.”

She then laughed and continued to encourage her niece say the N-word despite the cop’s sister objecting.

In the second video, Giraldo said it was “not that serious” to use the N-word.

“I have a little comment or whatever,” she said. “If somebody thinks or feels that I shouldn’t be using the word ‘N****r,’ but for real […] it’s not that serious.”

Giraldo, who is Colombian, added that it’s okay to call Latinos ‘s***s,’ a derogatory term for Hispanics, because those “from the hood” know it’s not derogatory.

In another one of the videos, she is seen eating at a Cuban restaurant with friends during a trip to Miami beach. The video shows the group leaving without paying and Giraldo laughing while using the N-word more than 20 times.

“N****r, we didn’t pay for that s**t,” she said.

Under the NYPD Patrol Guide’s “prohibited conduct” clause, cops in the city are forbidden from using racist or other offensive words while on-duty or off-duty.

Giraldo’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, acknowledged that it was the 29-year-old cop in the videos, but he said the videos were from when she was 18 or 19, six years before she joined the NYPD. He also said that the videos were private and stolen from Giraldo before being made available by an ex-boyfriend she is in the middle of a nasty legal battle with.

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She was already on modified duty before being suspended, as she was assigned to monitor security cameras at a housing project in Queens because her ex-boyfriend, Officer Michael Martinez, claimed she made false domestic violence allegations against him.

Giraldo, who dated Martinez for two years, claimed he broke her nose and arm, choked her and at one point had her “pleading for her life.” The two filed cross complaints against each other for assault in October, but the case against Giraldo was dismissed. The case against Martinez is still pending.

“All this was from a cop abuser that’s just trying to get back at her,” Sanders said. “Now she’s developing the strength to fight back. There will be a lawsuit against this cop and the Police Department for this conduct.”

Sanders filed a notice of claim on behalf of Giraldo, as she plans to sue Martinez and the NYPD. The claim includes the allegations of assault by Martinez, as well as claims that she received unwanted advances from other male officers, poor evaluations and undesirable assignments.

Martinez’s lawyer, though, said his client did nothing wrong.

“She’s just not a credible witness,” James Carcano said. “If we are to believe her, she was strangled on two occasions then decided to share an apartment with my client in Orange County.”

He added, “Ms. Giraldo’s disgraceful and distasteful behavior is an embarrassment to the NYPD and she clearly should be removed from its ranks.”

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