Obituary for Utah Man Who Killed His Wife and Five Children Sparks Outrage

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This family took the whole “don’t speak ill of the dead” thing a little too far. A lionizing obituary for a Utah man who is believed to have killed his wife and five children in a gruesome murder-suicide plot has sparked outrage. The obituary fails to mention his family’s deaths while listing his many accomplishments.

Murder-Suicide Suspect’s Obituary Praised Him. A GoFundMe Replaced His Picture With Jesus.

“Michael excelled at everything he did,” read the obituary. “Whether it was serving in the church or in the community, he was willing to help with whatever was needed.” It added that he was affiliated with the Church of Latter-Day Saints and that his children were “cherished.”

“Michael enjoyed making memories with the family,” it continued. He was a “Sterling scholar in business” and “achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.”

If that’s not bad enough, a GoFundMe replaced Michael Haight with a picture of Jesus. Nowhere on the page does it mention Michael at all. It’s titled “Gail Earl, and the Tausha Haight family.” So far, the page has collected over $100,000 in donations.

Michael Haight Is Believed to Have Killed His Wife, 5 Kids, and Mother-in-Law

42-year-old Michael Haight of Enoch, Utah, is suspected of gunning down seven of his family members two weeks after his wife filed for divorce. His wife Tausha Haight, her mother Gail Earl, two sons aged 4 and 7, and three daughters ages 7, 12, and 17, were massacred on January 4 in their home.

Police believe that Michael Haight shot his entire family before turning the gun on himself. According to a relative, Mr. Haight had previously removed all of the guns in the household, leaving Tausha and her children “vulnerable” due to a lack of protection.

But despite the widespread mourning and shock from the Enoch City murders, Michael Haight seems to be getting off scot-free. The glowing obituary provided to the Southern Utah Mortuary and published on The Spectrum is so out-of-touch it’s bizarre. The public was quick to condemn the whacky eulogy and it’s since been taken off The Spectrum’s website. However, there are screenshots, as can be seen on the New York Post and anti-gun advocate Shannon Watts’ Twitter feed.

“And if that’s not gross enough, the wife’s family put out a statement supporting … guns,” Watts wrote. “‘This is the type of loss that will continue to occur in families, communities and this nation when protective arms are no longer accessible.’”

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