“Oh my God, it is Obama”: Alaska mom ran into the former president by accident and now has memories that will last a lifetime

Jolene Jackinsky

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Jolene Jackinsky got the surprise of a lifetime when she spotted former President Barack Obama at an airport in Alaska, and instead of ignoring her, he spent time with her and her 6-month-old daughter, Giselle, and even took selfies with them.

Jackinsky was at the Anchorage International Airport on Monday when she ended up in a waiting area for private flights. She saw a man sitting there that she thought looked like Obama, but as she got closer, she realized it really was the former president.

“As I got closer, I thought: Oh my God, it is Obama,” she said during an interview with the Associated Press.

Photo via Jolene Jackinsky

Obama walked up to Jackinsky and her daughter and asked, “Who is this pretty girl?”

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The Alaska mom said that the two talked about how fast children grow up while Obama carried Giselle. The former world leader also posed for a few photos with the mom and daughter and told her that he was on his way back from vacation.

Photo via Jolene Jackinsky

Giselle’s father approached a short time later, and Obama joked, “I’m taking your baby.”

“I think it’s unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby,” Jackinsky said. “Not a lot of people get to meet him.”

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