There’s snowboarding and then there’s snow bored.

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A snowboarding coach for Finland is bringing a smile to people’s faces on the internet for his particularly “chill” competition activity.

Seriously — who knits during a sporting event? This guy, this guy right here.

Behold Antti Koskinen’s handiwork:

Inquiring minds want to know what on earth he’s working on here.

Some thought he this was all they needed to know he was marriage material.

Others speculated that this was all about stress relief, and it turns out this is on the money.

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Koskinen did the same thing in 2014 during the Sochi Olympics and became a meme.

Yahoo Sports asked the coach about it at the time and learned that Koskinen does this to “keep things light” for the athletes.

We hope he finishes whatever he’s working on this time. Last time it was a scarf. 

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