Cindy McCain joined her daughter Meghan on “The View” on Wednesday and the pair criticized President Trump for his remarks last week in which he disparaged John McCain.

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“The View” played a clip of President Trump’s remarks at CPAC in which he criticized McCain’s vote to damn the Republican health care bill. When they cut back to the ladies of “The View,” Meghan McCain said that she spoke with Trump on the phone and thought that the arguments between their families were over. But that changed when Trump referenced McCain at CPAC and the crowd loudly booed him.

Meghan called the president’s remarks “incredibly hurtful … to have this moment of booing at CPAC, which is supposed to be the mothership of conservatism and the Republican party.” She went on to say “I feel, quite frankly, very naive to have believed that this would be any different.”

Cindy McCain echoed her daughter’s remarks and added “we have much bigger things to worry about right now, than to worry about what the president says.” She went on to point out her husband’s legislative successes before saying “we need more compassion, we need more empathy, we need more togetherness in terms of working together. We don’t need more bullying and I’m tired of it.”

The CPAC crowd was riled up when Trump took the stage and at one point during his speech, they even began chanting “lock her up.”

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp defended the crowd’s move to boo McCain saying on Twitter “folks were booing his vote to retain Obamacare. That’s worth a boo.” But Meghan McCain wasn’t buying that logic, she wrote “I would expect better from both you and the crowd. But please, continue making excuses for the inexcusable.”

John McCain and President Trump have traded barbs since Trump was a candidate and said that McCain is “not a war hero.” In October, McCain hurled a barb at Trump for the president’s draft deferments.

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