One airplane passenger captured mother nature in her most awe-inspiring screenshot/Rumble

On Jan. 31, a passenger on a Canadian flight captured a video of a geomagnetic storm in full force. The storm stretched from Moose Jaw to the Great Lakes and indubitably wowed the passengers on board.

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According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a geomagnetic storm occurs when “solar winds produce major changes in the currents, plasmas, and fields in Earth’s magnetosphere,” and the storms usually last for several hours. Extreme storms may “experience extensive surface charging, problems with orientation, uplinking and tracking satellites.”

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In April, The Independent reported that scientists were preparing for a major geomagnetic storm that could cause trillions of dollars in damages. The last major geomagnetic storm occurred in 1859 and was known as “The Carrington Event”

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