One conservative pundit says this will happen to President Trump if the Democrats take the House in 2018 (House Television via AP)
In this image from video provided by House Television, House Speaker Paul Ryan stands at the podium as he brings the House into session Wednesday night, June 22, 2016, in Washington. Rebellious Democrats staged an extraordinary all-day sit-in on the House floor to demand votes on gun-control bills, shouting down Ryan when he attempted to restore order as their protest stretched into the night. The sit-in was well into its 10th hour, with Democrats camped out on the floor stopping legislative business in the House, when Ryan stepped to the podium to gavel the House into session and hold votes on routine business. Angry Democrats chanted “No bill, no break!” and waved pieces of paper with the names of gun victims, continuing their protest in the well of the House even as the House voted on a previously scheduled and unrelated measure to overturn an Obama veto. (House Television via AP)

President Donald Trump should keep his eyes on the 2018 midterm elections, according to one conservative writer, because he’ll be impeached if Republicans don’t hold on to a majority in the House of Representatives. That’s not to say he’d necessarily be removed from office, but John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine and the New York Post predicted…

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