One of “Morning Joe’s” biggest names says they “used to love” the job, but see it very differently now

In a new interview, “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski says she’s “getting more hate than [she has] ever gotten in [her] life” and it’s changed a job she “used to love.”

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“I can’t read it,” she added in the interview with Politico. “I’m working on unplugging more, because it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

The Politico piece profiled Mika Brzezinski, Kathy Griffin, Fox News legal commentator Alan Dershowitz, former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), all of whom have found themselves named in tweets from the President of the United States — in both positive and negative lights.

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The story of Brzezinski’s relationship with Donald Trump is the story of “Morning Joe’s” relationship with Donald Trump. Together with co-host Joe Scarborough, the pair maintained a relationship with Trump for years, one that saw the pair spend time with Trump at his resorts and, eventually, the White House, according to New York Magazine. Scarborough even admitted to informally advising Donald Trump on his campaign.

Early in the campaign, the hosts of “Morning Joe” — including Scarborough, who bowed out of the Republican Party after Trump’s election — talked about Trump’s campaign like a real one, a notable exception to outlets like the Huffington Post, who initially filed reports on his candidacy under “Entertainment.”

That changed once Trump was elected. Their relationship reportedly soured, as Scarborough and Brzezinski saw Trump’s presidency much different than Trump did.

Those sentiments were only amplified by segments on “Morning Joe” — leading to Trump tweeting the following about the show in June of 2017:

“[Co-hosting ‘Morning Joe’] is a job I used to love, now it’s a job I have to do every day,” added Brzezinski. “I have to keep my thoughts in check. … I don’t love it as much, but I feel really like, dammit, I’m going to work.”

Brzezinksi clarified her interview comments Wednesday on Twitter, stating that she does indeed still love her job despite but now has a greater sense of urgency to “speak truth to power.”

“I love working at my job on Morning Joe,” she wrote. “But this moment we find ourselves in is deeply challenging and makes me more determined than ever to speak truth to power. I am very blessed.”

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the statement from Brzezinski. 

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