Parents Criticized As Toddler ‘Runs Wild’ and Jumps on Tray Table For Entire Flight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Parents who allowed their young daughter to jump on an airplane tray table and disturb the passenger in front of her are understandably taking some heat.

A video making rounds on Reddit and Twitter shows a little girl bouncing on an unlatched tray table during a flight, the passenger in the seat to which the tray is attached suffering the consequences.

To the passenger’s credit, he says nothing, allowing the girl to have her fun. She appears to be 3- or 4-years-old, and it appears as if her parents did nothing to slow her down.

“Toddler from hell,” tweeted Mike Sington, senior executive at NBCUniversal.

Toddler ‘Runs Wild’ Mid-Flight

It’s not clear who shot the video, how long the child actually jumped on the tray table, or if the parents truly did not make the girl stop.

But the 8-second clip does seem to reveal that the toddler went on for too long.

“How are parents not embarrassed by this?” one comment read under the Barstool Sports story of the video. “My kids laugh too loud weโ€™ll shush them.”

Another who commented under Sington’s tweet read, “This happened to me once. When the parents wouldnโ€™t make it stop, I turned around and told the kid that Santa Claus wasnโ€™t real. True story.”

A second under Sington’s tweet read, “Never ever would have happened back during my #flightattendant days! I loved every day I flew for #EasternAirlines-todayโ€™s #aviation industry is a 180 reality nightmare. PassengersR empowered2B out of control. Like #politicians, no limits on behavior or #GOPLiars-& now see result.”

Of course, there were those who weren’t so negative about how the child “runs wild,” as yet another commenter called it. After all, there is very little context in an 8-second clip.

For all we know, the child was related to the man who she was seemingly disrupting, which is perhaps why the man appears so incredibly patient.

“Parents risking their child’s safety by not being properly fastened in their seat, is the problem,” read one comment. “This kid is not, she’s cute. But kuddos to the man seated in the front for being so cool about it.”

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