Yikes! This Is What Happens When You Park Your Car In Front of A Fire Hydrant

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Videos by Rare

It looks like a fire department in Anaheim California was just not having, after a person decided to park their car in front of a fire hydrant. As a way to warn others of what could happen to their car if they do not follow the standard rules, the Anaheim police and fire officials decided to issue a warning after firefighters ran a hose through the window of a car that was parked in front of a hydrant as they battled a heavy blaze.

The fire crew was dispatched to North West Street to help put out the residential fire, discovering the car parked to the side was right in front of the hydrant, despite there being a red line. Authorities quickly though it through, breaking out the rear back windows and ran a hose inside the vehicle right through it. The Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department tweeted out the photo of the damned car, along with a very mischievous and obvious warning, asking if it was worth parking there in the first place.

And in case you were wondering if firefighters or police have the right to do this, they absolutely do. In most cities fire hydrant parking law state that you have to park at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant which is about a full standard car length. The color of both the fire hydrant itself and a curb are irrelevant.

The department did state that they decided to post the picture to educate and to illustrate what could happen to your car if it is in the way of them doing their job, not to humiliate anyone in particular. The reason why firefighters need to go through the car instead of around, over, or under, is because the hose won’t work properly. The hose needs to be in a straight line out of the hydrant to release the water.

Now, these rules aren’t just here to annoy us drivers, rather actually gives emergency crews access to water in the event of a fire so they can put it out quickly. Like hydrants are intended to do. The 15 ft allows enough room for firefighters to identify the location of the hydrant in a matter of seconds. So, if your car is unattended and parked in front of a hydrant, well then expect to come back with a smashed window because that’s what they’re going to do regardless of what you say.

Oh, and let’s not forget the parking ticket that will cost you at least $115 regardless if you try to fight it or not. Honestly, the red curb is there for a reason, people. Follow the rules, choose another parking spot, and it will all be okay.

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