Passengers’ response to a sick 7 year old being kicked off a plane might shatter your faith in humanity AP Images
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Passengers of an Allegiant Airlines flight clapped and celebrated when a 7-year-old and his father were kicked off a flight.

The trouble started when the little boy had an allergic reaction to the dogs on the flight. An attendant re-seated them but airport medical services said it may be unsafe for the child to fly and the family was asked to leave the plane.

The boy’s mother, Christina Fabian-Roman, wrote on Facebook:

We are not angry that we were deplaned. In fact, my husband and I appreciate that our son is safe. What crushed us was that our 7 yr old boy looked at us with tear filled eyes and said, “I’m sorry that I put you through this. This is all my fault” then he proceeded to say, “I can’t believe that people clapped. They shouldn’t do that because they never know who already has sadness in their hearts”

The sadness in this 7-year-old’s heart refers to the fact that his father is dying of cancer.

Fabian-Roman wonders if the stress of watching his father die somehow prompted the allergic reaction in her son because this was the first time it happened.

She also pointed out that she was not angry with the airline but one flight attendant egged on the hurtful response.

“It wasn’t the flight attendant’s fault we got off the plane … it was the flight attendant’s attitude that perpetuated people’s agitated behavior around us,” she said. “It’s just the comments she had made.”

In her Facebook post, the mother recounts how the flight attendant mocked them while pointing out animals are on every flight. “Your insulting, ignorant, insinuating comments that minimized my son’s experience, and make a horrible memory at the end of my husbands life. Shame on you for being so cruel,” she wrote.

Fabian-Roman hopes that in speaking out she can remind people to be more considerate of others. “We don’t know everybody’s story, you don’t know what people are going through,” she said.

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