Pentagon Cowers To Communist China on Chinese Spy Balloon (VIDEO)

The Pentagon announced today that China has deployed a maneuverable balloon over the contiguous United States. Pentagon Spokesman Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder also confirmed that the balloon has a “large surveillance payload”.

China has deployed a spy device over the United States. What is the Pentagon’s response? They claim that the balloon will remain over the United States for ‘a few days’. See a clip of that below…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Pentagon is openly allowing the Communist Chinese to spy on Americans.

In this next clip, Spokesman Gen. Patrick Ryder confirms that the surveillance craft belongs to the Chinese.

When asked if Americans have the right to know about this craft, the Spokesman arrogantly claimed that Americans can surely ‘look up in the sky’… See that clip below.

If the Pentagon is going to allow our enemies to fly surveillance crafts over our Country, what use are they? What purpose do they serve? Are they actually working to protect Americans?

Former President Trump has called for the Biden Administration to order the craft to be shot down. In a video statement released by Trump, he also discusses the Chinese infiltration of American politics.

See that clip below…

It seems that the Biden Administration and the people running our Military have absolutely no intention of protecting us from attacks on the American homeland.

We need to start asking ourselves, especially with the vast resources we invest each year into maintaining and expanding our defense capabilities, what purpose does it all serve?

We are more interested in protecting Ukrainian airspace than American airspace.

What do you think?

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