People Are Buying Jewelry Made of Semen For Some Gross Reason

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, throught my career I have written some very wild stories that make you second-guess everything. The world out there is truly so big, that you never know what you are going to find. But this, I think this is by far my favorite thing ever. Oh no, not the product, but rather the idea of it. Because it’s truly just so wild to me what people come up with.

Sculpture and jeweler Amanda Booth is going viral for an insane reason, which includes semen. Basically, she began her Jewlery business in 2021 making sculptures and trinkets out of people’s, let’s call it bodily fluids.  This includes breast milk, cremates of loved ones or their pets, locks of hair, and fur. She posted all her creations on TikTok, and automatically went viral, because once again this is just pure talent. I have to admit, they are pretty cool too.

Amanda Booth on TikTok


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One day, she received a comment asking if she had ever considered making jewelry from “man juices.” (I will forever refer to it as that from now on.) So she went along with the joke and made a Facebook post about her “jizzy jewelry.”  Apparently, it was so popular that she started receiving actual orders.

So in order to make sure that it was actually possible, she decided to test a product with her husband Jesse Mullen to figure out how much semen she would need in order to do a sculpture.

Apparently, you need at least a teaspoon so you can make the right clay-to-semen ratio, but yes more is definitely better. This will help the clay hold up in the oven while baking. 

She posted a video of her making her piece last month, and believe it or not people have been blowing up her messages ever since. Apparently, her clients send samples to her workshop in order to be dehydrated, then powdered, and then incorporated into wearable clay trinkets or beads.

“Jizzy Jewelry”


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“Fresh samples are one thing, but when they’ve been in the mail for a little bit, I mean… it smells like semen, you know what I mean?” Booth stated .“We process them at the end of the day, otherwise we’re sitting in the smell all day and it’s just… We did it in the morning one day and it was just like, ‘No, I’m never doing that again.’”

Booth stated that she believes customers ordering these products is due to a kink. According to Vice, one of Booth’s clients, who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that she and her long-term partner were part of the BDSM community and that bracelets acting as “collars”  and several other pieces of jewelry symbolize a consensual positive relationship.

“After researching further into the Jizzy Jewelry shop, we both thought it would be the ultimate ‘you are mine’ type ‘collar’… It would be our little secret and inside joke,” they noted. I mean, yeah I can totally see it being a kink for some people.

Believe it or not, it is legal to mail semen.  Booth is currently based in Canada and most of her clients are in the United States, so she only asked people to send all their products in a container that won’t spill. She also asks them to double bag the product, because well, she probably doesn’t want to receive a soggy box.

Honestly, nope. Nah. No. Not for me. Carry on, tho! If this turns you into a millionaire, then you’ve done life right. Power to the arts!

This definitely takes commitment to a whole nother level.

What do you think?

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