People Are Now Removing Their Cheek Fat as Part of New Odd Beauty Trend

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I’ve got some bad news for most of the citizens in 1st world countries out there. It seems that heroin chic is coming back into fashion, but only on your face. The newest odd beauty trend is buccal fat removal (pronounced like “buckle”), and it costs anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000.

Chrissy Teigen Showed Off Her New Cheeks Without the Buccal Fat Pads

We know your piggybank is already set aside for your butt implants and abdominal liposuction. Just know it is with a heavy heart that this news is relayed. But you’re going to have to find another part-time job if you really want to look like a supermodel these days. Because celebs like Chrissy Teigen are all about having the fat inside their cheeks removed.

Teigen attributed quitting drinking with her buccal fat pad removal for her slimmed-down face.

Cheek fat pad removal creates a hollowed-out cheek effect and makes your cheekbones pop. The end result is a narrowed face. Paired with the right makeup, it turns your once-rounded face into that of someone who smokes a lot of meth — but without the drugs and the bags under your eyes.

This Video of a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Might Make You Sick, Which in Turn Might Make Your Face Puffier

A quick “#buccalfat” search on the internet will reveal all sorts of videos about people who go under the knife so they can be happy with themselves. One video on TikTok shows a doctor scraping the inside of someone’s cheek. Eventually, a glob of yellow fat oozes out like a massive pimple or cyst. Some people get their buccal fat removed in conjunction with a facelift.

There is a lot of buzz about which celebrities have had a buccal fat removal procedure done. Stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Lea Michele have been rumored to get the surgery. But it’s solely based on the public’s perception and neither have admitted to doing it. Apart from Chrissy Teigen, it’s all conjecture. But if you’ve ever wondered why your favorite celeb’s face completely changed almost overnight, this could be why.

This Trend Is Going Viral — But There May Be Regrets in the Future

Videos of happy plastic surgery patients show before and after images and the change is jaw-dropping (no pun intended).

However, before you start feeling insecure or like you need to postpone your knee surgery for this beauty trend, consider the long-term consequences. Often, it’s people’s facial fat that later allows them to appear more youthful as they age. Falling in line for this trend surgery could be a move you’ll later regret.

Removing your buccal fat is an irreversible surgery that could lead you to become dependent on fillers later in life. And it’s not clear if you’re going to even look good 10 or 20 years after your buccal fat removal surgery.

Ira L. Savetsky, a plastic surgeon based in New York, warns against this procedure becoming a fad. Insider reports that Savetsky is trying to spread the word that removing your buccal fat pad “could create premature aging and face distortion in the long run.”

Writer Rayne Fisher probably said it best. “My excessive buccal fat may be unchic at the moment but the tables will turn once we’re all in our 60s and I’m the only bitch in town who looks jolly.”

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