What’s round, black and rolls all over?

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Apparently, it’s a Guardbot, which is both the name of a company and its signature product. According to Business Insider, Guardbot is a surveillance robot that’s equipped with recording capabilities and has the ability to travel over any terrain, including through water. That’s right — the satellite-controlled robot can swim. The spherical robot comes in ever-fashionable black and is covered in varying spokes and treads that assist in its movement. While videos of the robot showing off its skills are impressing people online, it’s the machine’s resemblance to famous — or infamous — pop culture bots that has people especially interested.

One Twitter user pointed out that it looks like something out of “RoboCop.”

Others noted that the robot had a lot in common with the spherical “Star Wars” droid BB-8.

Like a scene from “Black Mirror,” Guardbot is reminiscent of the killer robots from the Season 4 installment “Metalhead.” In that particular episode, humanity was taken over by murderous, four legged “dogs” that could travel over any terrain and also had visual capabilities. Eerie!

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According to Business Insider, Guardbot — while still only in development for military use — could cost upward of $100,000 and range anywhere in size from 5 inches to 7 feet in diameter. It comes equipped with two cameras, microphones, GPS and a battery that can last up to 25 hours.

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