PETA Artist Draws Disney Dogs as Neglected Pets to Raise Awareness About Abuse

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A PETA artist is on a mission to raise awareness about pet abuse. Her method? Reimagining famous Disney canine characters as poor, unfortunate souls. Artist and activist Tiani Hernandez, 26, drew five Disney cartoons’ dogs in settings based on real-life PETA rescue discoveries.

Speaking with Insider, Hernandez said that Disney was a good theme since it resonates with people regardless of if they’ve had their own beloved animal to take care of.

“Even people who have never had a companion animal know and love these Disney dogs,” she said, “so by drawing them in these horrible situations, hopefully people will start to think about how much chained and penned dogs suffer.”

The Disney Dogs, Reimagined by PETA:

Dug, the Dog From Up

The first picture is Dug the dog from Up. He’s wearing a chain, tied to his doghouse as his humans fly away in their hot air balloon house. “I do not like the chain of pain,” thinks Dug, with a stream of tears pouring down his face.

Hernandez said that sometimes humans keep their dogs chained outside in perpetuity, using them as “cheap alarm systems.”

Lady and the Tramp

The second picture features Lady and the Tramp in a new twisted version of their famous spaghetti dinner scene. Both dogs are chained to opposite walls. Their plate of noodles is just out of reach.

Mickey Mouse’s Dog, Pluto

The Pluto illustration is markedly grim. Mickey and Minnie are wassailing glasses of lemonade as they stare at each other with soulless eyes. A fan blows in-between them. Pluto is seen in the background, red, panting, exposed to the elements while tied to a tree.

Hernandez also elaborated on how she came up with the Pluto picture. “Sometimes an overturned trash bin or plastic barrel is all they have, so several dogs have died of heat stroke on these summer days, and in the cold they have frozen to death,” she told Insider. “So that’s the idea with the illustration of Pluto. We want everyone to bring their dogs inside and treat them as members of the family.”

Slinky, the Dog From Toy Story

Slinky the dog from Toy Story is seen tied to a house, obviously apart from his toy companions. Hernandez noted that many neglected dogs are not just deprived of their physiological necessities (water, food, and veterinary care), but their social and emotional needs as well.

101 Dalmations

Lastly, a reimagined version of 101 Dalmatians emulates a puppy mill. It was inspired by a PETA rescue in Michigan this past winter, where 41 dogs were being kept in -5 degree temperatures. (See video here).

A morbid sign that reads “Happy Dalmatians Breeder” is posted in front of an outdoor kennel, where Perdita sits with all her puppies. But Pongo is separated by a chain link fence.

“Breeding operations are just horrible for both the parents and the puppies,” said Hernandez. “The dogs are sitting in their own feces.”

She continued, “This is a reality for many dogs, which is why it’s so important to always adopt and never buy from breeders.”

You can see the entire gallery, “Disney Dogs Reimagined – By Tiani Hernandez,” on PETA’s website here.

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  1. What a creative, poignant way to raise awareness of such important issues. Adopt, don’t shop, and end dog chaining!

  2. Brilliant! These will reach people’s hearts and hopefully inspire them to treat dogs with compassion by letting them live inside, as all family members should.

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