3-Week-Old Girl Becomes Britain’s Youngest to Recover from COVID-19

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Videos by Rare

While we wait for more positive news coming from anything coronavirus related, bright recovery stories from COVID-19 from all over the world will never be redundant. A special coronavirus case in Scotland really leads the way to the beginning of the end of this pandemic.

A three-week-old baby girl is believed to be Scotland’s youngest coronavirus patient to recover. Her name is Peyton Maguire, born to 27-year-old mother Tracy Maguire, a digital marketing student, and 28-year-old father AJ Maguire, a personal trainer, at University Hospital Wishaw. Tracy was forced to have a C-section on March 26, eight weeks prematurely because she got diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Peyton was only a 3lb 11oz baby.

While in an incubator in the neonatal unit, on April 15, the tiny baby was sniffling, and was then tested for many issues including COVID-19. Although the baby had no symptoms of the coronavirus, she still tested positive to her parent’s dismay.

Although doctors wanted Peyton’s parents to stay away for fourteen days, Tracy begged to be isolated with her new baby while AJ stayed at home. The hospital staff and medical team allowed her to, while also prioritizing the development of the baby over their own lives.

Tracy mentioned, “The staff kindly agreed I could to isolate with her in the hospital while AJ stayed at home. Watching the staff at work was incredible. They put their lives at risk to make sure my baby was getting fed and cuddled. Even wearing their PPE, they were determined to hold her.”

Now, after two negative coronavirus tests, to the delight of her parents, Peyton is with them in their home in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire. She is incredibly appreciative of the hospital staff and hopes her story and experience during these times will help anyone hesitant to go to the hospital in the near future.

Her message to everyone during the coronavirus pandemic about health care workers is that “they shouldn’t be worried about going into hospital to give birth because the staff know exactly what they need to do to protect everyone from the virus. And if people have symptoms of a serious health problem, like [she] did, they shouldn’t be scared to go to the hospital and get checked out because just leaving it could make their condition worse.”

Let’s make sure this positive story of hope also reminds us of how hard our health care workers are working on the front lines against COVID-19. The medical team at University Hospital Wishaw giving the fantastic care Peyton needed sets an incredible example of the sacrifices health care workers are making to help in this coronavirus crisis.

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