Billboard in Phoenix Shows President Trump in Prison Jumpsuit Behind Bars

A new billboard located in downtown Phoenix shows where anti-trump citizens hope President Donald Trump will end up after leaving the White House. The billboard features Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit behind bars. He has a name tag that reads “Don the Con.” There are also mushroom clouds behind Trump with swastika-like dollar signs right next to him. The billboard is said to be located on Grand Avenue near 11th Avenue.

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Below the picture of Trump is a digital clock that reads “TRUMP DEATH CLOCK” and gives the number of covid-19 deaths in the United States, which as of December 18th is more than 311,000. The billboard also notes that people should wear face masks to go with COVID-19 guidelines. The new billboard comes after similar billboards were there for around three years. It had Trump in a regular suit with the same mushroom clouds behind him and the dollar signs that look like swastikas. That billboard was said to be created by Los Angeles artist Karen Fiorito, who was commissioned by the billboard’s owner Beatrice Moore.

Billboard Shows Donald Trump Behind Bars

Fiorito posted several images to her Facebook of the artwork being installed, asking her followers, “What should we call it? 1. Don the Con 2. Lock Him Up 3. Bye Don! 4. Trump for Prison 2020.” Moore also decided to post images of the billboard to her social media account which lists her occupation as Director at the Grand Avenue Billboard Project. This is the third political message that was created on the billboard, over the last 4 years. The project Facebook page notes, “Artists are commissioned to create an image for this privately funded billboard project.”

The billboard comes after Trump lost the November election to President-Elect Joe Biden, and the question if President Donald Trump may face criminal charges since he will no longer be granted presidential immunity was brought up. The New York district attorney is pursuing an investigation into whether Trump or his companies or family members committed any fraud, following the release of his tax returns during the campaign which showed that he paid minimum contributions.

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