Former CNN host Piers Morgan has become known for his unabashed support of President Donald Trump, as well as his proclivity for attacking Trump’s opposition.

On Wednesday night, Morgan joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to criticize the U.S.’s so-called mainstream media, which he believes is fueling “hysterical” and fundamentally “un-American” attacks against Trump.  He suggested the problem lies with the media and “large sways of the American people who’ve lost their minds.”

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According to Morgan:

“The media in America, print and cable and main network news, they kind of collaborated in fueling the beast of Donald Trump. When he first ran they started by saying he was a jerk, then they realized he was getting ratings, then they gave him the air-time, then they put him on the front pages. They kept fueling, fueling, fueling. They never imagined he might actually win. And while they were fueling, he was out there running around America, galvanizing and resonating with the American people in middle America, way away from the two coasts.

“And then came the moment when the American media said we’ve got to kill this guy off, this is out of control. Rather like Dr. Frankenstein, it was too late. The beast that they helped create, as they see it, could not be killed off and he won the presidency.

“What I don’t like about what is going on now, is there is an absolutely frenzied and concerted attempt to delegitimize, sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even started.”

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Morgan called these actions “un-American.”

“I don’t think it’s a patriotic thing they are doing, I think it is nakedly partisan, it’s driven by the New York Times, who were completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton, and as a journalist who worked for CNN … I think they’ve got to be careful, all of them,” he said. “They’ve got to look at what they’re doing here and ask themselves, ‘is this legitimate journalistic rigor, or is it incredibly partisan, often nakedly abusive treatment of a new president?’ And I think, I’m afraid, is bordering on the latter.”

Morgan went on to suggest that journalists who equate the Russian scandal as being the new “Watergate” or “Pearl Harbor” — despite this week’s abrupt resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn — are propagating “a widely exaggerated view as the facts currently stand.”

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