Police Arrest 25-Year-Old Man For Chewing on Elderly Man’s Face

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A 78-year-old man is recovering after having a chunk of his face chewed off by another man while waiting at a subway stop in Gresham, Oregon.

Koryn Kraemer, 25, was arrested for the attack on the elderly victim — who was hospitalized after having part of his face and ear bitten off. Police said they initially responded to a call about a potential stabbing.

Instead, they arrived to find Kraemer on top of the victim. It wasn’t until they had pulled Kraemer away that he was not using a knife, but rather, his teeth.

“The injury was so severe that responders could see the victim’s skull,” police said, via the New York Post.

Koryn Kraemer Arrested

At first, Kraemer refused to give police his name, simply saying that he went by “El Baker.” Not surprisingly, he was supposedly under the influence of alcohol, fentanyl and marijuana, a source close to the investigation told KATU 2.

Kraemer, who had just recently moved from Georgia to Oregon, was booked on charges of second-degree assault. The incident reportedly happened around 2 a.m.

KATU 2 revealed part of the conversation between the dispatcher and the police.

“The suspect is still on top of the victim… there’s people standing around not reacting to this… unknown race male, grey hair, blue beanie, tan coat, red socks… think he might be biting him now?” the dispatcher said.

Later, a responder tells dispatch that “half this guy’s face appears to be chewed off…”

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