Police have revealed the shocking ways the Rhoden family was killed in Ohio — one murder was particularly vicious


The Pike County and Hamilton County Coroner revealed Tuesday the number of times eight members of the Rhoden family were shot by unknown assailants in Ohio on Friday.

While the specific victims haven’t been linked to the numbers of gunshot wounds, we know that one victim was shot nine times. Two victims were shot five times, one was shot four times and the remaining four were shot once, twice and three times.

Some victims were killed in their sleep, and some were badly bruised and beaten.

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Only three children survived the massacre.

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The kids were 4 days old — 4 days old! — 6 months old and 3 years old.

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The Pike County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Attorney General released a chart displaying how the family members were all related.

Ohio Attorney General
Ohio Attorney General

The oldest victim was 44 and the youngest 16.

(H/t ABC News)

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