Police make eye-popping discovery about the woman last seen with Las Vegas shooter ABC7/screenshot

While it was assumed at first that Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of mass murderer Stephen Paddock, was with him just before he fired indiscriminately at concertgoers last Sunday in Las Vegas, killing 58, we have since learned that Danley was overseas at the time.

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But now, local police and federal authorities are looking into another mystery woman who was last seen with Paddock days before, and she is believed to be a prostitute.

While authorities have not elaborated on the woman’s identity, they do believe that Paddock hired her in the days leading up to the shooting and have been interviewing other call girls for information. A U.S. official briefed by federal law enforcement officials spoke to The Associated Press on a condition of anonymity regarding this information.

This is important because, while investigators are confident that Paddock was the lone shooter, they have not been able to rule out his having help in advance of the shooting, and it remains unclear how Paddock, with as many rifles and as much ammo as he had, was able to amass this arsenal, retrofit a rifle with a bump stock and remain completely undetected until he launched his assault.

Another interesting development puzzling police was a note found in Paddock’s hotel room. Though it was not a suicide note, it was a cryptic message consisting of numbers.

Police have revealed that the note contained calculations of distance and trajectory from the 32nd-floor windows of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

In the meanwhile, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and the FBI are looking into all leads.

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“There’s people that know this individual. There’s people that can help us understand this individual,” Lombardo has said, according to ABC 7.

Vice President Mike Pence visited Las Vegas Saturday to take part in a ceremony honoring the victims of last weekend’s massacre.

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