Police Seize Cocaine Packets With Nazi Flags, Hitler’s Name On The Outside

Police in Peru have seized 58 one-kilogram packets of cocaine in Paita, a city on the Northern coast of the Nation. The packages had Nazi flags on them, and even had the name of Adolf Hitler inscribed on the back.

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CBS News reports on this bust…

Peruvian anti-drug police seized 58 one-kilogram packages of cocaine Thursday bearing pictures of a Nazi flags on the outside and the name “Hitler” printed in low relief. The drugs were found in the port of Paita, on Peru’s northern Pacific coast, close to its border with Ecuador.

The cocaine was hidden in a shipping container carrying asparagus on the Liberian-flagged vessel SC Anisha R, which had earlier anchored in an Ecuadorian port, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press. It said the shipment was destined for a port in Belgium.

The Peruvian police’s anti-drug directorate showed videos and photographs to the AP revealing that the drugs were stashed inside the ventilation system of the shipping container. Police continued to search the more than 80 containers on the vessel.


One has to ask the question, why in the hell would somebody package their cocaine like this? It just seems so unnecessary, and would only draw more attention to the extremely illegal production and distribution of cocaine.

Cocaine is one of the main sources of fetanyl overdoses in America. Fentanyl-laced cocaine has killed thousands of Americans, with 24,486 deaths reported from cocaine use in America in 2021.

These drugs are coming through shipping containers. That is where this particular shipment of cocaine was discovered.

Do we have appropriate screening tools for shipping containers coming into the United States from different Nations around the globe?

How many shipments like this are completely missed? Could there be Mao cocaine, Stalin cocaine, or even Hitler cocaine already in the United States?

What do you think?

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