Police video shows the awful moment a cop shot a mom of three instead of a dog Facebook/Inquistr, NYDN/screenshot
Facebook/Inquistr, NYDN/screenshot

It was almost one year ago now that 34-year-old mom of three Autumn Steele was shot by police officer Jesse Hill as he responded to a domestic dispute at the Steele household.

The incident occurred on January 6, 2015 in Burlington, Iowa and body cam footage of the shooting has been released by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, the Daily Mail reports.

Autumn Steele and her husband Gabriel were involved in a domestic dispute. When Officer Jesse Hill arrived on the scene, the mother was chasing after her husband and hitting him. Gabriel was carrying their 3-year-old son.

Burlington Police Department
Burlington Police Department

Suddenly, the family dog, a German Shepherd, started growling and Officer Hill drew his weapon. Hill claimed that when the dog tried to bite him, he fired his weapon. As he fired, he said he slipped and shot Autumn Steele by accident.

Steele was shot instead of the dog as her young son watched and she died as result of a gunshot wound to her stomach.

The death has been ruled accidental because of the threat of the dog and Officer Hill is on active duty. But, at a hearing, the dog was determined not to be dangerous and was returned to the family.

Steele is survived by her husband Gabriel, sons Gunner and Kai Schoff and step-son Devin Steele.

The release of the video has happened in part because Autumn Steele’s family has being demanding to know more, including 911 call transcripts, emails and the footage above.

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