Pornhub Has Officially Been Suspended from Instagram, and People are NOT Happy

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Well, gone are the days when you could check out Pornhub without really checking it out. That’s because, for better or for worse, Instagram has suspended the website’s account.

As Mashable’s Amanda Yeo brilliantly wrote, the suspension is “forcing fans of sexual imagery to stop lying to themselves and just go to the website.”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It appears the suspension took place over the weekend, with Instagram deciding it had seen enough of an account that boasts 13 million followers. Yes, THIRTEEN million. That’s how much people are invested in the site. The account also had more that 6,300 posts.

Obviously, Pornhub did not post porn on Instagram. But it sure did promote it.

A Riot on Twitter

The move by Instagram does indeed seem temporary, and perhaps it will explain itself to the higher-ups at Pornhub on why it reached such a decision. But maybe not, too.

If Pornhub is permanently banned from the social media behemoth, fans of the website can still check out the goings-on in other spots.

“Pornhub’s Twitter account (3.4 million followers) remains active, as does its official YouTube channel (882,000 subscribers), where it shares ‘safe-for-work’ video content,” Variety relayed.

The decision to pull the Instagram account comes after Mastercard and Visa cut off all payment privileges of TrafficJunky. This is the advertising gem of Pornhub’s parent company, MindGeek. This followed a federal court ruling back in July which rejected Visa’s request to be removed from the case.

Visa & Mastercard Mess

MindGeek was reportedly being sued for allegedly distributing child porn, alleging that Visa actually knew and facilitated MindGeeks ability to monetize any illegal content. Looks like Pornhub has been very busy, getting itself into a mess after another mess.

So what is next for Instagram and Pornhub? Well, let’s just say some fans are hoping they can soon find a way to again make their relationship complete.

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