President Trump threw down with a senator, but an unrelated woman has been taking his heat L: Ron Sachs - Pool/Getty Images, Twitter/@Corker

If she still checks her Twitter account, the Long Island woman who owns the @corker handle may want to bring back this tweet from 2009, in which she wrote, without context or followup, “Help!!!” (Three exclamation points.)

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This morning, President Donald Trump launched into another attack on a member of his own party, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. He slammed Corker for deciding not to run for reelection and said Corker “didn’t have it in him” to run after “begging” for Trump’s endorsement.

Upon further review, the woman, judging from the profile picture, who owns @corker has for some time been the subject of nasty tweets from people all over the country who meant to direct their ire at Senator Bob Corker.

Can @corker get “beyond [herself] & think of national welfare”? Only time will tell.

All this justifies her most recent tweet, as applicable today as it was in 2009:


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